Competent faculty with a blend of experience , young , devoted and energetic dynamism


Effective teaching-Learning- Evaluation process

Well equipped Library with sufficient Books

Effectively organized Teaching-aids

Participation in seminar and workshops

Supporting weaker students through Remedial and Tutorial Classes

Department organizes various Inspirational Activities

Result is quite satisfactory

Some Ex Students were employed successfully


Most of the Students are from Rural Background

They are from poor family

Most of them are from weaker sections of the Society


Most of them are First-Generation Learners

They don’t have any computer knowledge at entry time

Poor knowledge in Mathematics and so in Statistics also

Poor Communication Skill in both verbal and non-verbal

Decreasing Students Strength in the Course

Limited Scope of Various Combinations of subjects interested


Scope for employment in Schools and Colleges/ Universities in future


Syllabus is helpful to score in Paper I in NET/SET Exam further

Child Psychology Part is very conducive in Central TET as well as State TET and in B.Ed. Curriculum

Faculty organizes various Counseling and Skill Development Programmes

The Students of this Department may be employed in Pvt. B.Ed. Colleges

Self-Employment for having Computer Knowledge

Ability to counsel the other Students

Above all eligibility for various Competitive Examinations


Challenges (Threats)

In recent time enrolment of the students in B.A.(H/G) is declining due to various Technical or Professional Courses


Attracting Qualitative Students in this Course

Updating technologies in Teaching-Learning-Evaluation Process

Decreasing Drop-Out Rate

Motivating Girls with their Parents to get married after completion the course

Proving Inspirational Stories of the Successful Ex-Students for preventing Wastages and Stagnation

Above all motivating Students to learn spontaneously by making teaching very interesting