The Department of Education is  a one of the glorious wings of Nahata Jogendra  Nath Mondal Smriti Mahavidyalaya .

  1. It was established in 1985 with General Course  and  Honours  course started later with the aim of providing quality education and making the students capable of serving the nation.
  2. This Department offers B.A. Honours Course in ‘Education’ with combination of History, Political Science, Philosophy  since 2002
  3. It offers a subject ‘Education’ as  a combination of  B.A. General Course
  4. In the present academic year(2017-18) ANNUAL system is followed but in the next year CBCS is supposed to be followed.


Students with different strengths can excel in this field because of the endless options .

This Department

  1. Helps  the students to be an effective and inspirational teacher.
  2. Influences  children, teenagers or adults in a way that can change their lives.
  3. Helps  of becoming an administrator in education sector, a curriculum developer, educational policy maker.
  4. Helps  in Career or Guidance counseling.
  5. Provides  the scope of other job opportunities.

Unique Features

  1. This Department provides extra reading materials to the students for increasing their reading habit.
  2. Teachers of this department also provides the books not available in the library.
  3. One class minimum of two hours per week is taken to motivate students in their study.
  4. A regular basis various questions are asked to check  their performance.
  5. Home works are given after a lesson and instructed to do the assignments sincerely.
  6. A collaborative study is encouraged always in a whats app group.
  7. This department makes provision  to get books from the Library even after the test examination taking the responsibility of the students.

Vision  and Mission

Most of the students are coming from the poor and weaker section of the society and they are the first generation learners. So the Vision  and Mission of  this department is

  1. To impart education cordially and with great care.
  2. To provide the course at minimum cost for excursion and other practical and field works.
  3. To make the students more attentive and creative introducing the various  innovative teaching methods.
  4. To provide the job oriented quality education for their future employment.
  5. To enrich the students with moral values to serve the nation.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To make the students competent
  2. To raise the standard of our students to the national level and to the global level also.
  3. To make them eligible for employment.
  4. To inculcate social awareness and leadership qualities.
  5. To develop a positive attitude to any situation.
  6. To make them a good citizen and a real patriot.
  7. To motivate students in building a developed nation.